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Life urn - with blue spruce cutting

Life urn - with blue spruce cutting


My purchase  understand :


1x Bamboo Box.

1x The biodegradable urn of life.

1x Bag of soil with medium (Root protect)

1x Blue spruce cutting


My urn is made  from vegetable fiber and  recycled bamboo,  sustainable and renewable materials. Our urn can hold 5 LBS (2.27 Kg) of ash and decomposes within 2 months in the ground once planted.


My biodegradable urn has no expiration date, it can be kept for several years away from extreme humidity.


Following the health crisis and covid-19, our product is non-returnable and non-refundable.


Please note that our cuttings are available from mid-May to mid-October only. After or before this date please advise us of the planting date and we will send you your cutting at no additional cost 2 to 3 days before planting. Thank you.

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