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The advantages of planting the biodegradable life urn

What is the ecological biodegradable funeral urn?

It is a funeral urn made with ecological materials such as plant fiber cellulose or organic fiber cellulose without glue and without chemicals which allows the urn to disintegrate and be absorbed in the environment. without compromising the life in the soil. it can also be made from recycle material such as paper or cardboard.


Why an ecological biodegradable urn with tree cutting

By planting a biodegradable ecological urn with tree cuttings and roots you increase your chance of giving birth to a magnificent tree in memory of the loved one who has passed away with a success rate greater than a seed. A living memory ...

The real impact of a biodegradable ecological urn with tree on the environment

  • She will create a living memory of the loved one, where you can share the memories

  • It will create a natural habitat for animal life.

  • It will produce an average of 117 kg of oxygen per year.

  • It will reduce carbon dioxide by an average of 21 kg per year.

  • It will actively reduce the harmful effects of traditional burial.

  • A better future for our future generations


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