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Life urn - system only, w/out cutting

Life urn - system only, w/out cutting


My purchase includes:

1x Bamboo box

1x The boidodegradable life urn

1x Bag of soil with medium to acidify the ashes.

1x Bag of wood chips for finishing.


Our urn is made  from  recycled vegetable and bamboo fiber,  sustainable and renewable materials. Our urn can hold 5 LBS (2.27 KG)  ash and decomposes within 2 months in the soil when planted.


Our biodegradable urn has no expiration date, it can be stored for several years away from extreme humidity.


Following the health crisis and covid-19, our product is non-returnable and non-refundable.


  Please contact us to coordinate the delivery of  your  cutting  with the date of  burial.  cuttings  are  delivered from May to end  October only.


For more information contact  Canada organic urn  by email:  or by phone toll-free Can-USA 1 (855) 514-9352 

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